2012 and the weight monster is back...

I hate to start the New Year off with a sad story but something happened in about September 2011 and after 1 year of keeping off my 19 lbs, buying size 8 jeans and enjoying the perks of being able to tie my shoes without a huge amount of trouble, I am up 10 of those exciting pounds. With a two week trip coming up to a place that has a gourmet cafeteria, I think I'm in trouble...

With a plan and an app...I may be ok until after the trip. Yes, I am counting my calories on a fitness app that my son referred me to. After the trip, I decided that I would go back on Nutri Systems if I haven't progressed as much as I need to.

So my encouragement to you, dear mommy, is to get a plan. Send me your plan and maybe I will change mine! Let's do this together!

Patti (thin in 2012 or bust!)

Knock knock, who's there?

Been off my site for a while. I guess because there's no news and the only bloggers shoutin' out are advertisers. My weight has been stuck at 149-151 since I lost my weight with NS last year. I ordered a second round of food and am filling in for lunches and some suppers. I didn't see any extra loss though. The good news is that I haven't gained! Yay me!

My son called me from California the other day to tell me that he had downloaded a fitnes app on his iPhone. He had lost 9 pounds just from tracking his calories and exercise. I decided to download one also. His is called My Fitness Pal and mine is Lose It. A fitness app is a great way to be accountable for the food you eat during the day, I'm just sayin'!

LMK if anyone out there has had similar success either with Nutri Systems, a similar program, or an app!

Take care and happy winning on weight loss! Patti

Keep on keeping on...

I am not going to be swayed from my resolve to lose a few more pounds. I admit it is a little discouraging to get down 16 pounds and then stay there for 6 months but it beats gaining the weight back, right? So I will be very proud of the progress so far. However, since NS worked before, I have ordered another month of food and started without fanfare yesterday.

Got on the scale this morning and was down 1 pound already, now that's encouraging! Stay with me now...I will try to post my progress a little more regularly.

Yahoo! We'll see...

Part II Weight Loss Journey...

I guess this is a never ending quest...but hey...I kept the weight off for 6 months and that can't be all bad. My problem now is that I can't seem to lose any more poundage. I would like to lose about 10 more pounds so here I go, I ordered another month of Nutri Systems last night, hey, it works! I don't know what they put in that food but it does promote weight loss if you follow the plan.

I hope I enjoy it as much this is fun to lose weight!

Let's do this together...join my blog and we'll encourage each other!

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Weight loss update 2011

Well, I have been busy and lazy...I haven't updated my blog in so, so, long. But good news, I have kept off the weight...even through the holidays. It hasn't really been hard; but I have been good to stay within the NutriSystem guidelines of 3 meals and a snack a day. My problem before was not only the "stuck metabolism" of a 50 something year was the snacking problem.  I lost 18 lbs in about 3 months which put me down 2 pant sizes. Cool! For the last months of 2010 I maintained my weight but can't seem to lose any more. I am thrilled with the initial weigh loss but am ready to have another jump start to losing a few more pounds. I am going to Thailand this weekend on a ministry trip with my husband ( so when I get back I plan to order another 1 month supply of NS. I will keep you posted...better than last year!

Let me know about your success this year!

Weight Loss Journey

It's easy to get discouraged when trying to lose weight...I seem to have reached a plateau at 151 lbs. but I am just trying to achieve the right mix of food to continue thing's for sure, I haven't missed any meals. I am eating breakfast every day, either a bowl of cheerios or granola cereal, boiled or cooked eggs, yogurt, breakfast crunchy bars and juice (coffee, of course but black these days.)

It has been great to lose 16 lbs so far. In the meantime, I have traveled to New Orleans, Atlanta, and Honduras, eating good foods, but watching my portions and fat/calorie content...I am on my way to Little Rock, Arkansas for a High School Reunion and feel really good to be back down to the weight I was about 10 years ago (when I thought I was fat!) All things considered, I am content with the progress and will continue at this pace. I may order NS again one more time, just waiting to see my progress on the current "Patti Plan." Hope all is well in cyberland and Happy Weight Loss!!!

Missed checking in....

It's been several days since I've checked in...I've been good with my eating, even though I am traveling with my job and love the big dinners out when I'm traveling. I've been good, watching my portions, eating my NS food, supplimenting with veggies and fruit from restaurants and the hotel I'm staying at. I even left for the weekend and attended a fabulous family reunion in Atlanta and was a good girl and watched my portions...I came home and had not gained any weight...I hadn't lost any either. I will be home from my business trip this Friday and plan to get back at it. I still have about a week of food left and I think I will at least lost another 5 pounds...I am pumped!!! Keep up the good work and stay focused! We'll do this together!

Week 3 going strong...

Well been lots of miles these last few weeks...I had to get off my Nutri food a few times but am really proud of myself as I have been careful to eat with the program. I have been stuck on 8 lbs mark for a few days but want to continue a downward trend. Going to Louisiana for the week to work and will bring my food for breakfast and lunch, enhanced by veggies and salads I can buy there. Wish me luck!

Keeping on track!

I am pleased as punch to report that I have officially lost 8 sister and I are in parallel universes and she has done the same. It's very encouraging to see results. I think I can stay on track even though I will be traveling with my job for the next 2 weeks with a Family Reunion in between. I just have to be smart. I went to Texas last week and did not gain anything (I think I even continued to lose!) I went to a church picnic which my missionary husband was featured at (doing Gospel magic and a cowboy bullwhip routine.) I used cautious judgement as I navigated through the yummy food line...thankfully they had grilled some squash and made berry boats for people with special diets (diabetes???) and I partook of that with grilled chicken..yum. I was equally proud when I went to a Chinese buffet and took a boiled egg and veggies for my main course!

I will measure and weigh on Sunday...hopefully it's down down down!

Doubts creep in...

What if I lose say, 20lbs and gain it right back??? What if my effort is for naught? I'll claim victory...yes, I'm trusting the Lord for this endeavor.


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